Steps on Smart JD Edwards Integrations

Integration helps to save time and cost of customers where implemented JD Edwards has to talk with other ERP or Legacy Systems. Prodware has challenged those integration and provided solution in very effective manner for different customers. These Integration are in the area of warehousing, Oil refineries & factory where RFID or DSI or Gauging Sensor System are used to make the transactions fast and secure across the supply chain system\production system.

Procuring, warehousing , Shipping and invoices etc. are very important tasks where customers\clients never expects pain while doing transactions and also to control the forgery which directly impacts on the Financial side, different Technologies like RFID\DSI\Sensile integration with JD Edwards through Oracle SOA Suite or EDI etc. helps to maintain the minimal human intervention, transparency and secureness of Transactions

Here these implemented processes not only saves the time but also cost of customers.

Different Industrial clusters like oil & gas, liquid beverages are using advanced emerging technologies which are integrated with Oracle JD Edwards and customers\clients are really getting great benefit!!