Staffing Solutions


Staffing Solutions

Improve the Quality of your Projects and Staff with Prodware Staffing Services

Prodware Staffing Solutions

In this Internet world, companies from 4 person store fronts to Billion dollar corporations need a wide variety of business and technology skills to handle their operations, finance, marketing and  payments. Prodware Staffing Solutions allows you to:

— Obtain staff for short term company requirements.

— Acquire staff to execute important company projects. You can create your own project teams or supplement 3rd party teams.

— Hire full time employees.

Prodware Solutions have developed a proven methodology to meet your Staffing needs. The process has any number of benefits over traditional firms and methodologies.

Step 1 – Learn your Requirements.

Key to successful staffing is the understanding of you and your firms needs. Prodware would like to know the technical and business skills of the resources you require. What your timeframe is and the liklihood of your project being extended. You need to tell us what you are expecting to pay for each resource or class of resources. Based on our experience with the industry and technology we may make recommendations on what the appropriate rates need to be to get people with the seniority and skill you want. We like to gauge the personalities of those staff at your fim our staff will work for and if posible, those people they will work on the project with.

Step 2 – Review Prodware Employees Capabiliities

For project staffing opportunities, Prodware will review our employees. This alows us to provide you with staff we are familiar with for your SAP SD or ABAP needs, for JD Edwards Finance or Angular JS developers. Our W2 employees are reliable, knowledgeable and flexible in terms of work hours and travel. They are located in the U.S., offshore and nearshore (LATAM). We are able to provide you our employees at excellent prices. An additional benefit of using our employees as staff is that if you need to reuse our employees in the future, with scheduling they can be available to you. This eliminates much of the need to teach the staff about your environment and you’ll know before you start that they are a good reliable fit.

Creating project teams from our staff ensures ensures that they’ve received training from Prodware on the “soft” things needed for successful projects. This includes working as a team, the ability to summarize their issues and accomplishments, and the development, execution and documentation of proper testing.

Step 3 – Search Staffing Database

Prodware has stored and categorized the resumes of thousands of staff. We use this database to quickly find you excellent resources. Many of these resources have worked with us in the past and we have tremendous insight on their skills and reliability. This allow us to use these staff with virtually the same reliability as we can provide our own staff. In addition, as a result of providing continued opportunities we can often get these staff at reduced rates.

Step 4 – Review our Known Contacts.

AKA “going to the Rolodex”.  Prodware staff use our many years of experience to reach  out to our thousands of contacts in SAP, JDE, Oracle, AS/400, JAVA, Agular JS and other technologies to find you the resources you need. This will often be done overlapping with Step 2 and Step 3, because our “rolodex” of people are often the most reliable and knowledgable. This is often the best place to go for specialists, and important senior Program and  Project managers. This is one way we truly differentiate ourselves, finding people we’ve worked with before in industry and technology.

Step 5 – Recruit Externally

In the unlikely event that we cannot staff your needs in  Steps 1-4 above, we will access the internet via Job Boards, LinkenIn, direct marketing, etc. Our recruiters are trained in business and technology which allows them to find, evaluate and interview staff to get you the best staff possible as quickly as possible. We have more than 20 recruiters and we’re adding to the team.

Recruting is an important part of our process because if we find someone we like and you use them for any number of months (or years) we will hire them as a W2 and use them to meet others needs moving forward.

The Prodware Advantage

At Prodware, we have invested a lot of manpower and resources into providing solutions for business and technology. Our staff have been trained on business needs as well as current technologies. For example, our staff are currently helping a international firm to recruit LATAM staff that can accomplish Brazilian Nota Fiscal localization. My resourcing staff can provide feedback and staff in niche areas such as WM and banking security as well as more standard areas such as SAP or Angular JS. Our staffing model provides you with better staff. Our investment is for our customer benefit.