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Mobility Solutions

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The World is going Mobile, Don’t Lose the Race!

The mobility space has exploded with the advent of consumer apps and IoT solutions. Businesses across the world are taking advantage of this revolution and reaping the benefits of going mobile.

According to the report on BYOD and Enterprise Mobility market the mobility space is going to grow to 73.3 Billion USD in 2021 from 35.1 Billion USD in 2016 at a compound annual growth rate of 15.87%.

Enterprise mobility solutions make sense in business context. These solutions translate or combine mobile computing into business scenarios for enterprise decision making. Enterprise mobility solution is a cloud-based technology that helps organizations to keep their employees connected and productive. Be it solutions like emails, timesheets or attendance tracking centred around employee productivity or dashboards for managing leaves, inventory request approvals built for supervisors; our enterprise mobility solutions are changing lives everywhere.

Offerings Enterprise Mobility

Industry dynamics have brought in a tremendous change in the way data visibility, productivity and informed decision making are viewed in a business context. While it was natural to place a constraint of physical presence in office premises in the past, it has now become almost necessary to provide round-the-clock access to data, analytics and business functions. With the Prodware Solutions Enterprise Mobility Solution offerings, you can reach the last mile of desired process improvements and productivity – especially among teams that are frequently mobile.

Mobility Strategy Challenges for Enterprises

Enterprise mobility is a complex paradigm with multiple integration scenarios, and a rapidly evolving technology environment. It requires enterprises to address various challenges such as a broad device platform landscape, data security, performance, usability versus enterprise policies, and network connectivity.

An enterprise mobility strategy needs to be geared to address the above challenges. Key decisions required for shaping the enterprise mobility strategy include financial considerations (business case, ROI, payback period) and direction of mobility technology (middleware solution to be used, development technologies, backend integration approach, and data security framework). Our mobility offerings factor these considerations, helping you identify and create mobility services that are ‘the right fit’ for your enterprise

Approach to Mobility Solutions

Prodware Solutions Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Oracle Applications
Prodware Solutions offers comprehensive and innovative enterprise mobility solutions, giving you the right platform to embark on your mobility journey. Our offerings have been designed to cover varied industries and business functions, so you can empower your teams with ‘on-the-go’ services.


Services a word is wide enough to understand. Apart from the support, services comprise of various features which may ease the routine, day to day operations in a business process. Lightning thrown on some of them:

  • Enterprise-on-the-go
  • Approvals-on-the-go
  • Sales-on-the-go
  • Service-on-the-go
  • Expense reports-on-the-go
  • Projects-on-the-go

Why Prodware Solutions?

At Prodware, we have a suite of service offerings for you and our consultants are ready to chalk out a personalized solution that suits your business needs.

Apart from this we provide

  • Industry best practices on Mobility.
  • Skilled and Experienced professionals in top mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows.
  • State of the Art Oracle Enterprise mobility Research and Development and hosting labs
  • Quality Assurance
  • UX and UI Design Consultation
  • Security testing
  • Maintenance and Compatibility to Operating System version upgrades