IBM Sterling OMS


IBM Sterling OMS

Sterling OMS complements the ERP systems by simplifying the complex business functions through providing a single view of demand, inventory, and supply across complex, global supply. chain networks and orchestrating the delivery of goods and services across the extended enterprise.

Distributed order management

  • Single order repository to modify, and monitor the order lifecycle in real-time from all channels
  • Order fulfillment tracking

Delivery and service sourcing and scheduling

  • Intelligent sourcing engine to handle the fulfillment in best possible manner based on defined business rules.
  • Schedules product deliveries and associated services based on the type of order and resource availability
  • Monitors service and delivery execution

Available to promise

  • Provides real-time, available-to-promise dates

Inventory visibility

  • Provides a real time inventory availability picture by synchronizing multiple supply and demand.

Reverse logistics

  • Links return orders to original sales orders.
  • Tracks reverse inventory back to the appropriate location.

Business process definition framework

  • Graphically configures unique business processes
  • Accomplish the hierarchy, relationships and assignment of roles to each individual organization