Prodware Solutions delivers Siebel-based solutions to help organizations succeed in their customer
management and renewal initiatives.

Offerings Siebel

Prodware Solutions has partnered with Oracle’s Siebel (formerly, ‘Siebel Systems’) to deliver solutions for multiple companies. Our team Siebel practitioners provides best-in-class CRM solutions. Our Siebel solutions are tailored to the specific needs of more than 150 global companies across industries and languages.

The ‘Total CRM’ concept at Prodware Solutions covers the entire spectrum from CRM business strategy to technology architecture, end-to-end implementations, version upgrades, data management, and integration to measurement of the value realized.

Our Siebel CRM projects spanning across commercialization of new products / services, customer operations, customer experience, sales / call center / service process improvements, CRM mobility, performance management, partner management, and customer data management have earned us industry-best customer satisfaction scores.

We are the preferred choice of global companies for our global reach, technology innovation, Siebel expertise, and rich experience in leading transformational programs.

Siebel Service Offering

  • Industry-acknowledged horizontal- and vertical-focused CRM process maps for customer management processes and customer analytics
  • Unique, proprietary tools incorporating architectural best practices to help reduce time and cost of Siebel initiatives
  • Specific product solutions in partnership with Oracle to address common industry challenges
  • Leadership in next-generation technologies and the ability to deliver complex CRM integrations and complementary solutions such as data conversions, portal integrations, and predictive customer models
  • Superior delivery methodologies to provide high-quality maintenance and support to Siebel production systems across all product versions

Prodware Solutions Siebel Center of Excellence (CoE)

Prodware dedicated Siebel CoE has focused on building best-in-class CRM process flows, Siebel solutions, tools and accelerators to develop cost-effective industry-leading solutions. The CoE maintains a repository of knowledge gained by Prodware Solutions Siebel practice and standard templates for delivery and documentation. It develops CRM process and technology leadership, quantifies reuse of tools / accelerators across Siebel projects, and helps deliver projects at the highest level of quality.

Solutions and services

Prodware Solutions has developed and successfully delivered Siebel-based solutions to help organizations succeed in their customer management and transformation initiatives.

Siebel BPT Accelerator

Built in partnership with HP, Prodware Solutions uses its extensive Siebel process knowledge to deliver a pre-built integration with BPT. Fortune 500 companies have capitalized on this accelerator to shorten implementation cycle, increase stability and quality of the solution, and reduce TCO.

Siebel upgrades

Prodware has provided upgrades on time and within budget on Siebel 7 and 8 versions across CRM functions, industries, geographies and languages. The high-reliability solution provides a robust set of automated tools to predict upgrade complexity and address execution challenges.

Volume and Price Risk Exposure Hedging solution

Prodware Solutions Volume and Price Risk Exposure Hedging solution is based on Siebel CRM. It uses asset-based contract management processes that are supported by unique service-point processing. The solution consists of order management, campaign management, hedging logic, and analytics modules.