To achieve project and program success, you must choose the right projects for the greatest business value. You must also effectively plan, manage, and control your projects—both large and small.

Managing Project Portfolios from Prioritization to Delivery

Project and program managers must take a highly strategic approach to selecting, authorizing, and funding projects. You need to choose the best projects and effectively manage them throughout their lifecycles. Yet without the right tools and processes, you’ll find it tough to select the right projects and deliver them on time and within budget. For project and program success, you need the capabilities to

  • Prioritize projects based on strategic objectives and your organization’s tolerance for risk
  • Make the best use of limited resources
  • Improve coordination by collaborating across the enterprise and beyond
  • Manage large programs with multiple suppliers and subcontractors
  • Increase team productivity and the speed of project delivery
  • Bring the right products to market within market windows
  • Improve governance and accountability, and meet regulatory requirements
  • Manage short-duration, high-intensity projects such as shutdowns
  • Avoid and protect against claims on construction projects

Getting Projects Headed in the right Direction:

Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions help you strategically and predictably plan your projects and programs to give them the best opportunity for success

Delivering Projects on time and Within Budget

Staying informed about every aspect of every project is a tall order for most companies. But with Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions, project-intensive businesses can effectively manage and execute the entire project or program lifecycle from beginning to end, offering the control you need for success.

Delivering End-to-End Visibility:

For Improved Decision-Making Many companies lack the integrated technology infrastructure and robust applications that enable team members and management to make the right project and program decisions. With access to trusted information and the right tools, project and program managers can deliver projects on time and within budget.

Seeing Beyond the technology Barriers:

Project teams and program managers often struggle to find the actionable information they need to properly assess project status and make strategic project and program decisions. Instead, they’re forced to depend on fragmented information spread across disparate systems throughout the enterprise. Primavera’s integrated solution set and analysis tools offer end-to-end visibility and transparency, along with sufficient program and project details to ensure successful planning and management. And because Primavera is flexible and built on open industry standards, you can easily integrate it with other enterprise software, such as financial management and human capital management applications.

Improving the view for Better Decision-making:

Primavera solutions provide a comprehensive, real-time view of all projects, enabling deep understanding and proactive decision-making. Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions include a centralized repository of enterprise project information. When integrated with other systems, such as your financial management applications, you can view a single version of the truth for each and every project. Personalized dashboards offer project portfolio insight and role-based analysis for tracking your internal and external project workforce and maximizing productivity. Primavera provides the transparency to track project and program cash flow, plus monitor performance versus plan. With tools to accurately forecast project completion dates and costs against estimates, you can make strategic adjustments throughout the project lifecycle and confidently make and keep commitments to customers. In addition, Primavera offers tools and best practices that allow you to provide realistic status and value reporting to stakeholders and regulatory bodies

Enabling Real-Time Collaboration

Local and global teams alike need to collaborate to successfully deliver all projects— large and small—with the highest-quality results. Yet for those charged with doing the work, information is often difficult to access or nonexistent. Nonetheless, teams and management remain fully accountable for achieving milestones and project success.

Overcoming roadblocks to Productivity

When project teams and entire programs lack the means to collaborate effectively with others both locally and globally, projects suffer—and so does productivity. Teams have to work harder to navigate subpar communication and reporting channels, and that can result in missed project milestones and poor project results. Too often, groups function as silos using standalone systems, or they must depend on inefficient project systems. Primavera solutions help project and program teams overcome these roadblocks to productivity

Weaving teams together

Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions enable the fluid, end-to-end communication needed for individual insight, team productivity, and project success. With real-time collaboration between local and global teams across the value chain, you can better manage resources, including dispersed and outsourced teams, because all contributors are on the same page. Management can communicate schedule or budget changes to all program resources, and teams can engage through strong feedback mechanisms. This results in reduced financial and performance risk and increased client satisfaction. And by improving coordination, you can increase productivity and meet project schedule and cost commitments while speeding project delivery.

Improving Your Agility in Changing Times

Change is a fact of life for projects and programs of any size. But when you lack the tools and processes to deal with client demands and project changes effectively, projects suffer and costs rise. With the right capabilities and processes, you can quickly and strategically respond to unexpected project variables and changes.
Bracing for the changing tides Given the dynamic nature of the project environment, program and project managers need to understand the uncertainty inherent in any given project. Nonetheless, management is still often caught off guard when changes arise during the project lifecycle. This can result from poorly defined change management processes, a lack project visibility, and inadequate analysis tools. And when management isn’t equipped to deal with change, you face unnecessary shortages, cost overruns, missed deadlines, unsatisfied clients, and more. But Primavera can help—by delivering effective change management processes and the project insight necessary to ride the tides of change.