Oracle JD Edwards


Oracle JD Edwards

Future is ERP, and one of the best and robust ERP is Oracle JD Edwards, keeping the needs and want of the Enterprise at the forefront. Our Practice team is comprised of highly experienced and Certified resources and Subject Matter Experts with deep knowledge across multiple versions and modules of JD Edwards products.

Prodware Enterprise Resource Planning with Oracle’s JD Edwards

Organizations today are facing many challenges. Business ERP systems are being asked to do more. They are being asked to add value and streamline operations across a broad range of a business operation globally. ERP’s are being asked to integrate to 3rd party systems and provide real time consolidated information. At the same time, users want to reduce the cost and effort to maintain their core business ERP system.

To meet this need, business ERP systems are growing and maturing. The ERP applications market is expected to reach 84.1 billion USD by 2020. ERP has grown from finance and distribution systems that were highly customized by users to broad systems that support operations across the whole of an enterprise that can be configured (vs customized) to do virtually anything a company needs. ERP supports corporations’ global requirements, in real time, allowing decision makers to see and analyze real time data and make accurate timely decisions. Systems are learning to think and make decisions like people and are becoming easier to support. Integration is allowing 3rd party systems and data to be incorporated in real time, and BI can provide insights into this consolidated real time information. Upgrades, with their re-programming, re-configuring, -training and -testing are a thing of the past.

Now that systems have improved so that they can let you optimize your business at lower initial and running costs, it’s time to reach out to Prodware to bring your people to the same level of capability, providing broad quality services at lower cost. This includes both your full time needs for functional, technical, CNC, development or administrative support and your temporary needs for staff to perform implementation, upgrade or expansion of your ERP and/or global footprint.

Prodware Staff

Prodware is one of the larger JD Edwards service providers in terms of staff and projects. We are based in the United States with our own staff located in the US, Canada and offshore in India. A full 10% or more of our staff are hands on recruiters. What truly separtes Prodware is that when our recruiters find the best people, in contrast to many of our competitors, we don’t “rent” them, we hire them. They work for us 24×7.

This allows Prodware to provide you and your firm the best quality staff for your maintenance, implementation, upgrade, rollout and maintenance requirements. Prodware consultants are selected for their JD Edwards functional knowledge, along with their ability to work with clients and their business process knowledge in key industries. We look for staff with complex implementation and integration experience.

As an example, if you reach out to Prodware to roll out JD Edwards to Europe and then Asia, the team that began with you in London and Madrid can continue with you to execute in Singapore and the rest of Asia. You continue with proven, quality staff that know your implementation methods, company and business processes. When someone from your firm calls with a support issue, our teams will have contributed to our knowledge base to provide the information to resolve problems with your configurations.

Prodware’s knowledgeable and consistent staff provide more timely and effective Implementations, more effective system configurations and business processes, faster problem resolution, at lower costs.

Prodware JD Edwards

Prodware’s JD Edwards Team have multi-disciplinary skills in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, World, CNC, development, system support and administration. Our domain skills include functional knowledge of JD Edwards Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, WMS, Human Resources, Fixed Assets and Contract Management.

Our practice boasts highly experienced and certified consultants with deep knowledge across multiple versions of JD Edwards products, including JD Edwards Enterprise One (B7332, B7333 Xe, E1 8.0 – E1 9.2) and JD Edwards World (A7.3, A8.1, A9.x). Our consultants have extensive experience in JD Edwards Implementations, Upgrades, Global Rollouts, Development and Support.

Business Process Improvement

We implement JD Edwards ERP systems with the goal to streamline your business operations. This means implementing value added processes via system configuration that streamlines operations, while providing real time information in a format that can be used to make rapid decisions. Today Prodware supports this by providing:

  • Global systems implementations that uses our knowledge base and consultant experience to optimize business operations and the collection of real time data.
  • Flexible access to real time business transactions and business data, in formats that are easier to understand and provide insights into key decisions and KPI’s.
  • Mobile access to processes and data.
  • Collection of data from a wider range of relevant sources with less human effort “automagically”, via extended ERP system footprints, integration and IoT. These technologies can reach outside your company to report on things done by your vendors or external entities, such as capturing shipped product temperatures and location.
  • Allowing technology to make definable and repeatable business decisions (where applicable and possible).

Center of Excellence

Prodware’s Consultants are supported by a dedicated JD Edwards Center of Excellence (JDE CoE). This consists of proven methodologies, templates, and accelerators/tools to support JD Edwards implementation, upgrades, rollouts and support. We use our hands on experience to capture information on relevant configurations, modifications, patches and updates. Our center of excellence captures data from our full time consultants and does regular training with our consultants to improve their Project Management and applications skills across projects.

Global Delivery Model

Our center of excellence has developed and maintains Prodware’s Global Delivery model. This consists of the methods, configurations and 3rd party systems to support global statutory requirements, taxes and currency.

We use our Oracle partnership to stay current, and keep our support tools and Center of Excellence current with the latest product releases, SARs and ESUs, third party systems and tax releases. This enables smooth and cost effective system implementation and operation, whether in house or on the cloud.

Oracle & Prodware – We’re a Team!


Extensive coverage of JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne product implementations, global Rollouts and upgrades.

Improve core business operations through value added business processes that improve business operations

Prompt maintenance response and deadline adherence.

Providing fully grown tool-oriented global delivery model, encompassing implementation, upgrade and support to cut down total cost of implementation and of ownership (TCO).

Constant, required and prompt update on products for customers and businesses.

Competitive, highly experienced and fully certified full time employee team with knowledge in a wide range of JD Edwards versions, industries along with worldwide implementation knowledge.

Prodware industry best practices to guide teams during implementation, support cycles and upgrades.

Well-trained and multi-disciplinary skilled staff in World, Enterprise One, CNC and JDE World System Admin.

Comprehensive Managed Services from our dedicated, full time Prodware team:

  • Help Desk.
  • Level 1 to 3 problem resolution.
  • Flexible support hours – yours, offshore or both.
  • Trouble Ticket tracking, service level adherence and reporting.
  • Functional support across JD Edwards.
  • CNC and Technical support.
  • 3rd party application and integration support.
  • Localization support.