Fusion Middleware


Fusion Middleware

Prodware Solutions–Oracle practice realizes the potential of Oracle Fusion by aligning with Oracle’s strategy. The Oracle
Fusion Services Group at Prodware Solutions is dedicated to designing and implementing solutions based on a
service-oriented architecture (SOA) using Oracle Fusion Middleware products.

Oracle Fusion Foundation

Traditional application landscapes are complex and lack flexibility due to disparate applications, best of-breed products, and legacy investments. These landscapes have:

  • Multiple instances of ERP applications from diverse vendors with local customizations
  • Disparate databases that challenge analytics and reporting
  • Point-to-point integration between applications and ERP solutions
  • Frequent upgrades and vendor lock-in

Oracle Fusion Services Group

Prodware Solutions-Oracle practice realizes the potential of Oracle Fusion by aligning with Oracle’s strategy. Our Oracle Fusion Services Group is dedicated to design and implement SOA-based solutions using Oracle Fusion Middleware products. Our group focuses on application integration by leveraging SOA and Oracle Fusion products to build customized solutions.

Oracle Fusion Service offerings

Prodware Solutions provides a well-documented road map, approach, and methodology for SOA adoption to help enterprises establish Oracle Fusion-based enterprise architecture and the associated implementation framework.

Prodware Solutions Oracle Fusion enablers

Oracle practice at Prodware Solutions has developed tools, methodologies and accelerators to help companies smoothly migrate to Oracle Fusion / Application Integration Architecture (AIA).

Prodware Solutions Oracle Fusion enabling methodology

Prodware Solutions SOA-enablement methodology for Oracle Fusion (IN-Fusion) establishes an SOA Center of Excellence (CoE) through maturity assessment, architecture, solution delivery, and operations. Our team has worked on several SOA engagements ranging from strategy to solution implementation. Oracle Lifecycle is defined below.