Engagement Models


Engagement Models

Onsite Model

Our entire team works directly at client’s office. We deploy highly skilled resources at client’s location, they are flexible to work under any environment and gel with the client’s team for high efficiency. This arrangement helps on projects where requirements are not clearly defined, hence frequent communication and feedback helps in understanding client’s requirements. It allows ease of making changes in an environment, which is full of ambiguity and frequent changes in requirements. This model is best suited for secure and confidential projects, projects with fixed and tight deadlines, mission critical projects, projects which involves major changes and require detailed analysis. This model enables faster response time and contentious support.

Offshore Model

Offshore model is the most cost-effective model, where client gets cost and quality advantage. Client gets fast paced work by taking advantage of time difference between two countries and cost effective labor rates. All the work is done at offshore development center. We have offshore development center with large pool of experienced resources, uninterrupted communication ability, high level of data security to safeguard client’s data, all combined together to deliver exceptional quality on large scale projects. Quick turnaround for development efforts. This model works best for projects where requirements are clearly defined and not dynamic in nature, minimum analysis is required, long term support is required.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid model provides best of both the worlds, cost effective yet direct presence at client’s premises. It is a mixture of Onsite and Offshore model taking best of both the models. We deploy our resources onsite and assign the offshore team to support onsite resources to carry out maximum of work at offshore development center. Planning / requirement gathering phase is done at onsite and development / testing work is carried out at offshore location. Clients have single point of contact right in their location and need not to be worried about managing offshore team. Clients get their work done 24/7 due to time differences in their location and our offshore location, which results in fast paced work day and night. This model is a low cost enables on-demand resources, increases productivity as the workday gets extended to night time as well, gives control in client’s hand due to availability of our resources onsite.